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I'm SOU, also known as aloha--roi and That G=AGE Girl. I'm a Jpop fangirl, mainly into boy groups. My bias group is G=AGE and my number 1 ichiban is Kazama Roi. I run the G=AGE fan community, g_age_of_future and the Jpop boyband blog, dansei--idol. I'm also one of the admins of the G=AGE VN Fanpage. Chances are, if you find something related to G=AGE in English I probably had something to do with it.

I mainly post here about Jpop artists I like and Jpop-related things that I purchase. I sometimes do translations too but my Japanese is pretty basic so don't expect much. I may post fanfictions here occasionally but nowadays I mainly post them on my AO3. Other things I like that I may post about from time to time include anime, otome games, parapara and Jpop dancing, fantasy, and books.

My favourite Jpop groups: G=AGE, M!LK, MAG!CPRINCE, Sexy Zone, Da-iCE, chotokkyu (Bullet Train), BOYS AND MEN, and B2takes!

My ichibans: Kazama Roi, HIROYUKI (G-BOY'S), Nishioka Kengo, Yamazaki Haruki, Nakamura Reia, and Aoi Shouta (singer/seiyuu)

All of my posts will be friends-locked apart from artists introductions, translations, fanfictions, and anything else I think might be useful to other fans. Feel free to add me as a friend though! That's all~

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Supporting G=AGE until the end and then some

I want to see those 5 boys smiling together again

Updated: 2016/10/29
Posted: 2016/07/14

Monthly G=AGE Update (October 2016)

This month got off to a good start with a successful performance by G=AGE at Girls Award for the second time but then things kinda went downhill really fast. There have been a number of unusual occurrences surrounding the group over the past month which has lead to concerns of the group's possible disbandment from fans. There has still been no official word of the group's status given but fans are starting to speculate that if they don't return by the end of the month, then G=AGE is unfortunately done for. Nevertheless, here's a rundown of what's been happening starting from late last month.

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Monthly G=AGE Update (September 2016)

I'm back again with this month's G=AGE update. This month hasn't been as busy as last month, but still plently of exciting things have been happening! So first of all let's start with the Osaka Summer Concert. This did technically happen at the end of last month but I was only able to talk about it briefly in last month's post so here's a somewhat more in depth report.

G=AGE in Osaka
On August 29th (two days before the concert) ROI announced via Twitter that the group would be doing some sightseeing around Osaka (also mentioning that he wanted to go on a date with FUMITO in Tsuntenkaku, what a cutie). Here's some papapics of the boys doing just that (the sightseeing, not the dating lol) in Shinsaibashi the following day. Credit goes to @f_scream_haruko

The boys (along with a few of the G-BOY'S members) also stopped off at TOWER RECORDS Namba and TASY brought along the group's mascot, teddy bear neo Justice.

ROI's cute little smile in the first picture, I can't. Also VASA's hair looks good. Better than it did in the Girls Award performance especially (I say that with love lol).

Now onto the 31st, the actual day of the concert! For some reason I've found it pretty difficult to find fan reports of this concert so if anyone can link me to some I'd be grateful. From what I can gather though, it was pretty much the same as the previous Summer Concert but with some minor changes. For one, this time around FUMITO and MAHIRO weren't the only ones to wear the hula girl costumes.
I have no idea how to feel about this, haha. Sorry about the less than great picture by the way, I'll hopefully replace it at a later date.

As it was announced prior to the concert, this concert was also the debut of NEW AGE and G-EYE's new songs. I haven't heard anything about G-EYE's new song yet but it was confirmed by FUMITO in a blog post a few days later that NEW AGE's new song is called "Smile". The choreography was once again created by ROI, and FUMITO also hinted that the lyrics were written by VASA. Great for him as I seem to remember him mentioning in an interview a while back that he wanted to try writing lyrics!

Now onto this concert's goods! All of the goods from the previous concert were available to purchase as always (such as the penlights and badges) but there were also 3 new types of goods announced. A bag, new bromides, and 5 uchiwas (one for each member of G=AGE). Unfortunately, it was announced a few days before the concert that the uchiwas could not be sold due to water-damage but would later be available at the LOVE FAN-MEETING the following month. Here's the bag.

And here are some of the new bromides. Credit goes to @gagets_d

Oh no, VASA's awful hair from the Girls Award performance is back in some of these. Can we talk about how cute all of the ones with the boys in casual clothes are though? Especially the ROI ones, he looks so sweet with those little bunny ears! And the one where FUMITO and VASA are sharing a drink is too adorable. I want some of these so badly but I can't find anyone selling them anywhere. I don't really blame them though, haha. Also more yukata and Hawaii-themed bromides? Cute as always but I'm still kind of disappointed that they didn't put ROI in a cute yukata too.

G-BOY'S Twitter Updates
Beginning on September 4th was a series of Twitter updates posted by the G-BOY'S members in which we got to learn a little more about their personalities and hobbies. I haven't gotten around to translating any of the posts into English yet but I'll give a brief summary of each one here.

First was TAKUMI who was apparently in Canada at the time of his post.According to his post, TAKUMI is very interested in learning English.

Two days later was YU-TO who shared with us his interest in soccer. He says he wants to eventually be able to show of his skills to everyone. I wonder if he and ROI get along well considering they're both the same age and interested in soccer (plus they're both adorable and two of my faves, haha).

Then on the 8th was KAI who loves animals.

The following day was my favourite G-BOY'S member, HIROYUKI who is apparently interested in trying lots of different types of sweets.

It was SHO's turn on the 11th, who apparently really likes to cook and has taken cooking classes in the past. He says he wants to try cooking for everyone in G-BOY'S at some point.

Next on the 12th was another one of my favourite G-BOY'S members, KAITO who told us again about his Hula dance skills (which he already showed off at last month's Summer Concert). He also mentioned that he can play the ukelele and would like to show everyone in the future.

On the 14th was TAKUYA who told us he's been taking dance lessons since he was 9.

g-age shinsaibashi.jpg

On the 17th was RYU-TA who likes riding bikes.

And finally, RYU-ICHI who like HIROYUKI, also likes sweets.

That only leaves G-BOY'S' leader, TAKANORI (since it seems that KO-SUKE has now left the agency). I wonder why TAKANORI hasn't posted anything yet.

Love Fan-Meeting
On the 21st was G=AGE's first fan-meeting (there have been fan-meetings in the past but they were seperate NEW AGE and G-EYE ones), titled G=AGE LOVE FAN-MEETING. There was a question corner, a game corner, and a handshake event just to name a few. One of the games that was played during the game corner was apparently a crossdressing competition. According to ROI's blog he wore a mini skirt. My imagination is doing some weird things here, haha. They also celebrated FUMITO's birthday which was the following day.

The members did a Twitcast during the event (which I'm still kicking myself for missing!). Here's some screenshots of the broadcast that I found on Twitter. Credit goes to @voyager_0720

I laughed so much the first time I saw ROI in the top left picture. ROI is such a cutiepie normally yet he always seems to come out looking really hilarious in video screenshots (but I also happen to find his derp faces really cute, haha). Anyway, here's some more screenshots and credit for these goes to @F22M25

Now for the goods. As always, the previous event's goods returned as well as some new bromides. This was also the first time the official G=AGE uchiwas were sold!

Wow, are these cute! I love ROI's so much, his cute little smile and pose is too much. It seems that the uchiwas have brought to light everyone's member colours too. I think yellow is a nice colour for ROI! Now here are some of the new bromides.

I don't love these as much as I love the Osaka Summer Concert ones but they're cute as always. I especially like the one with all of the members sitting in a circle around neo Justice and of course the ROI ones! He's such a cute little prince.

And like at some previous events, at this fan-meeting the members gave away some of their personal belongings to some lucky fans. I won't post pictures of everything that was available here for now but you can find them on the official G=AGE Twitter account. I'm so jealous of whoever got ROI's stuff!

FUMITO's Birthday

On the 22nd, FUMITO turned 17-years-old! All of the G-BOY'S and G=AGE members apparently participated in a birthday party for him and he received presents from both groups.

G-BOY'S giving their present to FUMITO. FUMITO is also wearing the watch that TASY gave him as a birthday present one year back when they were still in Johnny's.

The members were seen by a fan on the 25th in Shibuya. Credit for the photo goes to @kentoorredayo

Its currenly unknown what they were actually doing there (probably just taking photos and such) but TASY did post this picture later the same day, saying that he'd found "G-EYE" in the city.

Special Mention: The Crepe

This isn't really anything huge but I just felt like mentioning it because I thought it was cute. Here's a translation of a short part of VASA's blog post on the 26th, where he talked about sharing a crepe with FUMITO.

FUMITO and I are eating together, then we pass to MAHIRO, MAHIRO passes to ROI-kun, there's only a little remaining, FUMITO and I struggle to get the last bite, ROI
devours the rest
FUMITO and I are like,,,
Ah...ah... (laughs)

I thought it was adorable how they were all sharing the crepe, haha. VASA also mentions in this blog that he and FUMITO often eat together and he likes that FUMITO has such a sweet tooth. I've noticed that VASA seems to compliment FUMITO a lot in his blog posts, like let's not forget the time that he said FUMITO's hairstyle at Girls Award made him look cute and kind of sexy. These two are probably one of the cutest pairings in G=AGE so far.

I already had this kind of image of ROI before I'd even read VASA's blog. That he would be the type to steal someone else's food like a troll but you couldn't get mad at him for it because he's so cute. I knew it would probably be VASA whose food he would take too since both of them love to eat so much. I'm imagining so many cute scenarios now, haha.

Monthly G=AGE Update (August 2016)

So to prevent every single one of my entries being about G=AGE which is the direction that this blog seems to be going in, I've decided to do one big G=AGE and G-BOY'S update/fangirling post at the end of every month. Maybe someone might find it useful and it's also an excuse for me to talk about my favourite group. Well then, let's get started!

TasyVasa hai.gif

Popteen Ikemen Election

At the beginning of this month the Popteen Ikemen General Election began. This is basically a poll run by the magazine, Popteen where fans can vote on which male idol they think is the most handsome and the winner gets some kind of prize. It was announced that 4 of the G-BOY'S members - HIROYUKI, YU-TO, KAITO, and TAKUMI - would be taking part in this competition. Here's some photos of the boys advertising in Harajuku.

As another part of the promotion, the official G=AGE and G-BOY'S Twitter accounts began posting short videos in which a member of G=AGE introduces one of the participating G-BOY'S members.

KAITO popup.gif

If you're interested in watching these videos then you can find them on this page, including a few that have been subbed into English and Vietnamese by myself and my fellow admin, Yuki respectively.

Hairstylist VASA

The same day that G-BOY'S participation in the Ikemen Election was announced, the multi-talented VASA revealed yet another one of his many talents to the fans in a blog post. It seems that being a lyricist, great dancer, and just straight-up handsome wasn't enough so VASA showed us his hairdressing skills using 3 of the G-BOY'S members - YU-TO, KAITO, and RYU-TA - as his models.

Summer Concert

On the 5th, G=AGE's 2nd concert was held, titled simply G=AGE SUMMER CONCERT 2016. The concert sported two different themes; Japanese Summer Festival and Hawaii. There was a skit for the Summer Festival corner where FUMITO and MAHIRO dressed up in girls' yukatas and were confessed to by VASA and TASY respectively. For the Hawaiian segment, all of the members did a hula dance (Apparently G-BOY'S member, KAITO has 8 years of experience in this dance style) and FUMITO and MAHIRO even dressed up as hula girls. There were of course some very cute member interactions, including VASA bringing up for the second time how cute he thought FUMITO's hair made him look at Girls Award last month and TASY mimicking YU-TO's adorable way of speaking. Here's some papapics of each of the members from the concert.

And of course, what's a concert without merch? A variety of new goods were sold at the concert including penlights for each group (G=AGE, NEW→AGE, G-EYE, and G-BOY'S), badges, and bromides. There were way too many bromides to post pictures of all of them and a lot haven't been scanned by anyone yet but here are the ones that I currently own and scanned myself.

Credit for these ones go to @gagets_d

Here are the G=AGE (white) and G-EYE (blue) penlights.

Here is the NEW→AGE penlight.

I believe the G-BOY'S penlight is yellow but I haven't seen any photos of it yet.

And here are some of the badges.

Finally, the members mentioned on numerous occasions before the concert that there would be a special announcement. Turns out, it was the announcement of G=AGE's second single! Its title is, "Ijigen DRIVER" and they performed it for the first time at the concert.


Last month, TASY mentioned in a blog post that G=AGE would be featured in a magazine but he couldn't say at the time which one it was. On the 15th, it was revealed that it was in fact the entertainment mook, StarCreators! PLUS BOKU stage_01 and the issue also came with a G=AGE poster! Here are the scans from the magazine and again, credit goes to @gagets_d

And the poster:

G-EYE and NEW→AGE Fan Meetings

On the 14th and the 21st, G-EYE and NEW→AGE fan meetings were held respectively. G-BOY'S were also present at both and the members played games such as the Pocky Game and a drawing game. It was also announced that G-EYE and NEW→AGE would debut their new songs at the Osaka Summer Concert.

New G-EYE Member

On the 22nd, G-EYE's newest member was finally revealed. It seems that the agency has abandoned its original plans of adding 6 of the G-BOY'S members to G-EYE and have instead opted to have a fresh-faced boy by the name of Cain join the group. Here's his profile.


Code Name: CAIN
Height : 173
Weight : 55

This is all that's currently known of him; nothing else has been revealed yet such as his age or surname. What is still unclear is whether Cain will be the only new G-EYE member or whether they'll be more boys joining in the future and also if Cain will be joining G=AGE too.


Jumping back to the first thing I talked about in this post - the Popteen Election - it became apparent that the 4 G-BOY'S members who were taking part were appearing together rather frequently. It was revealed on the 23rd that they will now (minus TAKUMI) form a unit known as =SS=. I think the reason TAKUMI wasn't chosen for this unit may have something to do with the fact that he said he wants to debut as a model but I don't know for sure.

G-BOY'S Leader

With auditions still being held and new members constantly being added to G-BOY'S, it became obvious that a leader was needed. On the 27th, it was announced that TAKANORI was appointed the leader of G-BOY'S!

Osaka Summer Concert

G=AGE's 3rd concert, G=AGE SUMMER CONCERT 2016 in Osaka will be held on the 31st. The members made a video to announce it which has once again been subbed into English and Vietnamese by myself and my fellow admin. You can find it here and definitely look out for ROI in that video; the way he winks at the camera and the cute little dances he does are too adorable!

As aforementioned, this concert will be the debut of both NEW→AGE and G-EYE's new songs. The Summer Festival Corner will be returning and all the same merch from the last concert will be available to purchase as well as brand new uchiwas, tote bags, and posters! (Update: the uchiwas are no longer being sold due to water-damage but will be available at the next concert) I for one hope that FUMITO and MAHIRO's hula girl outfits will be returning too, haha.

[Fanfiction] The Watch

Title:  The Watch
Author:   xxotakuchiceexx SouChou
Fandom:  G=AGE
Pairing:  TajiFumito (Tamamoto Fumito x Tajima Shogo)
Genre:  Romance
Rating: G
A/N:  Just another fanfic from AO3 that I'm reposting here~ This time it's Tasy and Fumito.

Taji re-entered the changing room that evening to find a frantic Fumito flitting around discontentedly, his brow knitted in worry. Taji was somewhat concerned; it was unusual to see his friend so unhinged. He looked at Fumito curiously.

“You coming? I’m about to leave; everyone else has already gone.” he said.

“Go on without me,” Fumito replied distradely, peering under a chair for what was probably the hundredth time.

“What are you looking for anyway?” Taji wanted to know. He took a few steps closer to Fumito, watching him pointedly.

“My watch,” Fumito answered, his voice growing increasingly troubled. “I took it off before rehearsals and now I can’t find it. It’s not in my bag or anywhere.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Taji said sympathetically but then he realized something. “Wait, you mean the watch I bought you?”

Taji had bought Fumito a watch for his birthday one year back when they were still in Johnny’s. It was dark purple in colour with one black hand and one white one. Fumito loved it and was never seen without it, which was a fact that made Taji feel quite pleased although he wasn’t exactly sure why.

Fumito nodded solemnly. “I’m sorry I lost it.”

Taji shrugged dismissively. “You’re seriously making a big deal about that? It wasn’t that expensive. You can buy a much better one yourself. Come on, let’s go.”

“No, you go. I really have to find it.” Fumito said, checking his bag again hopefully.

Taji thoughtfully watched the younger boy rummaging through his bag. He wasn’t sure what to make of this.

“Something I bought you really means that much to you?” Taji asked meekly after a short while.

Fumito paused to look up at Taji. “Of course. Whenever I look at that watch it reminds me of all we’ve been through together and it makes me want to do my best with you and everyone else.”

Taji felt a pang in his chest that he couldn’t explain. He smiled softly. “I had no idea.”

Fumito looked at Taji strangely for a moment before continuing to search his bag. Taji grabbed him by the wrist.

“It’s okay,” Taji said gently. “It might turn up tomorrow. If not, I’ll just buy you a new one. There’s no sense getting all worked up over it.”

Fumito nodded with a sigh. “You’re right. Let’s just go.”

Fumito was looking at Taji strangely again and Taji realized with a start that he was still holding onto the other boy’s wrist. He quickly let go and took a step back.


Fumito chuckled. “It’s okay. I don’t mind. If it’s you.”

Taji didn’t have much time to ponder over what that meant because Fumito was already swinging his bag over his shoulder and heading for the door. Taji jogged to keep up with him. He had a pressing urge to grab ahold of Fumito’s hand but he did his best to ignore it. They were almost down the corridor and out the door of the agency’s building when Fumito suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“My watch!” he beamed. “I must’ve dropped it. I guess I didn’t have it before rehearsals like I thought.” Fumito laughed and to Taji, it was a sweet and melodic sound. “What a relief.”

The watch sat on the floor near the doors, as if waiting for Fumito arrive. The other members must not have seen it as they’d left, Taji realized. Taji and Fumito both knelt down to pick it up at the same time but Taji got to it first.

“What are you doing?” Fumito asked, amused.

“Put out your wrist,” Taji instructed.

Fumito looked confused but did as he was told. Taji carefully slipped the device onto the other boy’s arm.

“Did you know I actually have magical powers?” Taji said with a playful grin. “I cast a spell just now. Now you’ll never lose the watch again.”

Fumito laughed. “I feel like you’re proposing to me.”

Taji felt heat rising to his cheeks. He turned away suddenly. “Let’s go now.”

“Okay,” Fumito chirped.

They’d only just gotten out of the doors though, when Taji felt a hand snake through his own. He jumped in surprise but couldn’t bring himself to let go.

“What are you doing?” Taji quizzed, looking down at his and Fumito’s intertwined hands.

“Holding your hand,” Fumito said simply.

“Well, I can see that,” Taji said. “But why?”

“Because I wondered what it would feel like,” Fumito explained. “And because I could tell you wanted to too.”

Taji let out a chuckle, unable to deny it. “But what if someone sees us? Like one of our fans.”

“Well then, they’ll probably take a picture and post it online and then people will write fanfiction about us,” Fumito said with a shrug. “Idol fans love this kind of stuff.”

Taji laughed properly this time. “True.”

“By the way, you have to take me to dinner tonight. Since you’re my boyfriend now.” Fumito said nonchalantly, as if he were talking about the weather.

“Wait, what? Boyfriend?” Taji cried, suddenly unable to form complete sentences.

Fumito just laughed. “I have expensive tastes, by the way. Don’t think you’ll get away with some cheap yakiniku place.”

[Fanfiction] "Weird"

Title:  Weird
Author:   xxotakuchiceexx SouChou
Fandom:  G=AGE
Pairing:  TajiVasa (Vasayegh Hikaru x Tajima Shogo)
Genre:  Romance, angst
Rating: PG-13
A/N:  This the first fanfic I've posted here in ages. Recently I've been posting my fics on AO3. But anyway, I have no idea what this even is, haha. The G=AGE fandom is pretty small at the minute so I doubt that there's anyone really interested in reading this but I just really wanted to write a fic about Shogo and Hikaru because they're adorable. For the sake of clarity, they're referred to as Taji and Vasa (the names they use in G=AGE) in this fic.
Update 2016/08/08: Instead of putting all of the chapters in seperate posts, from now on I'm just going to add new chapters
onto this post.

Read more...Collapse )

I actually started this post quite a while ago but I decided to delay it until G=AGE's first single was released so that I would have a little more information on them to go on. They were part of the reason that I started to get into boy groups outside of Johnny's anyway and I knew that they were probably going to become one of my favourites as soon as I discovered them. Anyway, I've been into Johnny's on-and-off for more-or-less 5 years, and Japanese music in general for about 8 years but before recently I'd never really taken an interest in Japanese boybands outside of Johnny's. In fact, for a while I thought that there weren't even any other boybands in Japan besides the ones affiliated with Johnny's, or at least no notably popular ones.

A while back though, I became curious and started to search for some online. They were difficult to find at first (as just searching "Japanese boybands" usually just gave me a load of Johnny's groups) and when I did find some it was difficult to find any information about them but I think it was worth the hassle. I've found some groups that I really like, some maybe even more than Johnny's. So here's a list of my top 5 favourites, not neccessarily the "best" groups but just some that appeal to me personally. If there's any that you like that aren't on the list feel free to leave a comment, I may not have heard of them.

5. chotokkyu

There are an awful lot of ways of spelling this group's name but the official romanized spelling (the one that they're listed under on iTunes) is the one I've used above. They're also known as Bullet Train among overseas fans. chotokkyu is a 7-member group under EBiDAN with each member being represented by a colour and a number from 1 to 7 (their age order). The interesting thing about chotokkyu is that the group has "front dancers"  and "back vocalists", meaning that the singers stand behind the dancers onstage. The group also doesn't just have one member in the center position but they all take turns to be in the center for each single. Ryoga Funatsu - the purple member and one of the main dancers - was apparently in Johnny's prior to joining chotokkyu.

chotokkyu was one of the first groups I discovered, as is apparently the case with a lot of people who seek out Jpop boy groups outside of Johnny's. A lot of their songs are really catchy and I really like how even though some of the members are dancers and some are singers, the members all get more-or-less equal attention and even take turns in the center position.

My Ichiban: Ogasawa Kai (dancer, blue)

My Favourite Song: Battaman

4. Da-iCE

Da-iCE (pronounced dice) is a 5-member group and like chotokkyu, some of the members are dancers and others are singers. They're called 'dice' because a dice has six sides and five of the sides represent each of the members and the 6th side represents their fans. The 'A' and 'I' in their name are written in lowercase because "ai" means "love" in Japanese.

Da-iCE was the first non-Johnny's group that I became interested in. Honestly, all of their songs are so catchy and I feel like their music can appeal to people who aren't even normally into Japanese music. I absolutely love Souta's voice because I'm totally a sucker for men with high-pitched melodic voices. I also love how willing Da-iCE are to communicate with their overseas fans; they've re-recorded several of their songs in English, their music is available on iTunes, and they've even done a concert outside of Japan (with hopefully more to come).

My Ichiban: Hanamura Souta (vocalist)

My Favourite Song: Watch Out


MAG!C☆PRINCE is a 5-member group, all of the members being born and raised in Nagoya. The meaning of the group's name is:

M - Mie
A - Aichi
G - Gifu
! - To give you energy
C - To cheer you on
☆ - Mie, Aichi, and Gifu boys aim to be stars
PRINCE - Handsome boys you'd want to be your son

All of MagiPri's songs and PVs are super cute and upbeat. I also love how they have their own TV drama (Majidrama ~Spin The Sky~) and they actually play themselves in this drama, or rather characters who have the same names as them. I fell in with Kengo (pink) at first site; he's too adorable. Also it turns out that he's actually a huge Johnny's fanboy! Kengo became an idol himself because he loves male idols. His favourite group is Sexy Zone.

My Ichiban: Nishioka Kengo (pink)

My Favourite Song: Zettai☆Aishiteru!

2. M!LK

M!LK is another 5-member group. They're under EBiDAN (the same agency as chotokkyu) but they're part of EBiDAN 39 and KiDS (basically like EBiDAN's equivalent of Johnny's Jr.). The group was active since 2014 but they had their CD debut in March 2015 with the single, "Coffee ga Nomemasen" that was used as the ending song for the anime, Pankisu!.

I clicked on one of M!LK's videos on a whim and let me tell you, it was everything I like in a boy group. While I do like other types of groups too, I definitely have a soft spot for adorable groups like M!LK. All of the members are pretty young but their songs are so cute, upbeat, and innocent that I can't help but love them. All of their costumes and choreography are also adorable. I want all of the members to be my little brothers. Haruki (green) in particular melted my heart as soon as I saw him.

My Ichiban: Yamazaki Haruki (green/matcha milk)

My Favourite Song: Coffee ga Nomemasen

1. G=AGE

G=AGE is a 5-member group under G=AGE Promotion made up of 2 members of the group, G-EYE and 3 members of the group, NEW→AGE. The group gained a lot of initial attention due to the fact that 4 of the members were originally in Johnny's Jr. The group's story is that TASY and VASA are secret agents from the future whereas FUMITO and ROI are boys from the present time. They were all chosen to help android MAHIRO to understand the human mind for a top secret mission. More information about G=AGE can be found here.

When I first started this list, G=AGE were down at number 4 but since they're debut they've managed to surpass M!LK and even Sexy Zone to become my favourite group. I honestly love their debut song, "Age of Future" (and all of the other songs from that single) and just everything about them from their costumes, to their choreography, to the videography of their music video. I also love how this group (and all of the other groups under their agency) still have an air of mystery to them even now and you just never really know what to expect from them. I think it's pretty impressive that they do a lot of things themselves too like choreographing their dances, composing their music, and designing their CD cover artwork. And of course, I just love all of the members themselves.

My Ichiban: Kazama Roi

My Favourite Song: Age of Future

Thoughts on Age of Future by G=AGE

I finally got that one release I've been talking about for months now. Which one's that? Why of course, it's G=AGE's first single, Age of Future!

I actually preordered these a month or so before they were released but I made the mistake of using a pretty slow shipping service so it took a while for them to arrive. I ordered all three of the limited editions. The limited editions have different backs and covers to the regular editions, a special gold disc cover, and a different selection of photocards that you can get. They have the same B-side tracks as the regular editions though.

I got one of ROI's photocards and he's my ichiban so I'm happy. I also got the G-EYE and G-BOY'S one which I wanted and a FUMITO one. I didn't get the one that I really wanted though (a really cute one of ROI with him in his NEW→AGE costume) but I'll probably try to buy it and some others secondhand at a later date.

Now I'll talk about what I thought of the B-side tracks.

Type A: maybe maybe: I was inititally surprised as it was so different from Age of Future; a lot of more gentle. But it's a nice, relaxing song. I thought it was kind of unmemorable though.

Type B: Come on Now (by NEW→AGE): This song is more what I was expecting. A little more relaxed than Age of Future but still pretty upbeat. The electronic 'breakdown' parts were a nice touch.

Type C: Get the World (by G-EYE): This song is probably my favourite out of the three. The tune is pretty catchy and I wasn't expecting the 'rap' parts but I thought they were pretty nice too.

And now, since I've been meaning to do this since the music video was released on YouTube, here's my thoughts on the title track, "Age of Future" and its music video.

As I've surely mentioned before, I was so excited for this group that I probably would've liked just about anything they produced but I do honestly love this song. It's so upbeat and catchy - everytime I hear it I want to try and do the dance but then I realize I don't actually know the choreography and even if I did I probably couldn't do it as well as they do, haha. Everytime the chorus comes in it gives me chills. I also really love the electronic-sounding parts which I guess fits pretty well with the group's 'futuristic' concept.

And now, the music video. If you haven't seen it yet then here it is:

I've lost count of how many times I've watched this video since it was released on YouTube. I honestly love it so much. The costumes, the choreography, the videography - everything. I feel like it seems vaguely familiar in some ways - especially the part at the end where they're standing inside that thing (Is it supposed to be a time machine or something? I don't know.) and the camera is zooming out - but I can't seem to put my finger on what it reminds me of. Maybe something I saw in a movie once.

The member that left the most of an impression on me in this video is definitely ROI and not just because he's my ichiban. In fact, it's probably the other way around; I think he became my ichiban partly because of this video. ROI was the only member of the group who wasn't originally in Johnny's so up until recently he was kind of a mystery to the fans so I started watching this video, not really knowing what to expect from him. I was pleasantly surprised. ROI's dancing and performance-ability is pretty impressive. His English solo line in the second verse and the way he looks at the camera when he says it had me fangirling so much.

VASA also stood out to me quite a bit but I was expecting it from him. He's so handsome and charismatic; whenever he looks straight at the camera it makes me melt. I was also impressed by TASY's dancing, as expected from the leader! FUMITO and MAHIRO didn't really grab my attention in this video much  - I only really started to notice them after watching it a few times - but they're both pretty adorable and talented and hopefully they'll stand out more in future videos!

Finally, I just thought I should mention that G=AGE now have an official English Twitter account! This made me pretty happy as I really appreciate it when Japanese artists actually make a conscious effort to reach their fans outside of Japan. You can follow it here.

G=AGE's Kazama Roi!

As I've probably mentioned many times before, I've been looking forward to the group, G=AGE for quite some time. In particular one member of the group caught my attention; Kazama Roi. Not only because he's an adorable hafu, but also because he was the only member of the group who wasn't in Johnny's at some point, making him kind of a mystery. Not even the Japanese fans seemed to know a lot about him at first. When the Age of Future PV was released, that only increased my curiosity about him even more as he really made an impression on me in that video.

At last though, I've managed to find a Japanese article online that has some information about Roi and his background. So that mixed in with a few things I've picked up about him myself from his blog posts and such, here's a little introduction post about him for anyone else who might be curious.


Roi is American on his father's side and Japanese on his mother's. Initially I thought it was the other way around as he has a Japanese last name. Turns out though, that "Kazama Roi" is just his stage name. I wonder if he can actually speak English since his dad's American; I loved his English line in "Age of Future". It made me melt ;;

The first thing I thought when I saw Roi for the first time was that his foreign side is very evident - you can even see that his eyes are a kind of green-ish colour if you look closely in some photos.

He's 14, making him the youngest member of G=AGE (he's 2 months younger than MAHIRO who is also 14). Despite this, apparently he's in charge of the choreography within the group.

Roi has a younger brother named Kaiha (2008.09.05) and the two of them used to be child models. Roi modeled under a different name which is why nothing comes up even if you search "Kazama Roi" in Japanese. Here's some photos and videos of Roi when he was a model:

(Roi is the little cutie with the green thing on his head. I have no idea what it's supposed to be lol)

How cute! Apparently Roi likes to eat a lot and he and VASA often have eating competitions. He also loves football. He recently posted an entire blog post to try and get his fans interested in football. What a cutiepie, haha.

Look at that adorable smile! According to FUMITO, he makes a lot of bad jokes even when no-one is listening. His favourite food is rice with eggs.

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully we'll get to know more about this adorable boy as time goes on. I think he's quickly become my ichiban in this group; I'm currently resisting the urge to buy a bunch of his photocards. My niban is currently VASA but FUMITO has also caught my attention recently. This probably won't be my last G=AGE post so thanks for reading and stick around if you want to see more~

Introduction to G=AGE (J-pop group)

Anyone who's a fan of Johnny's Jr. may have already heard of G=AGE seeing as so many of the members are actually ex-Jrs. That was how I initially heard of them and was probably the only reason I was interested in them at first. Now though, I think the group seems pretty promising in a lot of ways and I've even preordered all three limited editions of their debut single. For anyone else who might be interested I scraped this post together just from things I've found around the internet and what I could understand from their website, Twitter etc. It might not all be completely accurate so if I find anything else out I'll probably come back and edit this post later. Anyway, onto the introductions~!

G=AGE is a 5-member boyband that will make its debut in June 2016 with the single "Age of Future". The group is a collaboration project between the groups, G-EYE and NEW→AGE and contains members from both groups. G=AGE aims to be a futuristic and stylish dance and vocal unit. The interesting thing about G=AGE is that the group actually has its own fictional backstory. Basically, TASY and VASA are both secret agents sent from the future. MAHIRO is an android who needs to understand the human mind for a top secret mission so they entrusted him to boys from the present time; FUMITO and ROI. The group's agency is called G=AGE Promotion and there is also a rumour that the group is produced by Iijima Michi, an ex-Johnny's Entertainment manager but I'm unsure if this has been confirmed.


from G-EYE:

TASY (pronounced Taji, full name: Tajima Shogo)

Birthday: 1998/10/13

Birth place: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 176cm

Weight: 56kg

Blood type: A

Speciality: Dance

Other: Prior to joining the group he was a Johnny's Jr. He played baseball since third grade since his grandfather is the coach of a junior high school baseball team. He also has a younger sister. He wants G=AGE to eventually expand overseas.

VASA (full name: Vasayegh Hikaru)

Birthday: 1999/03/30

Birth place: Saitama, Japan

Height: 178cm

Weight: 57kg

Blood type: A

Speciality: Basketball, drums

Other: He is Iranian on his father's side and Japanese on his mother's. He has a younger brother named Vasayegh Wataru who is currently a Johnny's Jr. and a younger sister, Vasayegh Nagisa who is a model. Prior to joining the group he was a child actor and model and later became a member of Johnny's Jr.

Note: G-EYE has one more member named CAIN but he isn't currently reported to be part of G=AGE as well.

from NEW→AGE:

FUMITO (full name: Tamamoto Fumito)

Birthday: 1999/09/22

Birth place: Kanagawa, Japan

Height: 168cm

Weight: 49kg

Blood type: O

Speciality: Soccer

Other: Like TASY and VASA, he was a member of Johnny's Jr. He acted in several dramas while he was in Johnny's such as Onii-chan Gacha and Saito-san 2. He belonged to a soccer club in school and has played soccer since kindergarten.

MAHIRO (full name: Morita Mahiro)

Birthday: 2001/10/04

Birth place: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 166cm

Weight: 46kg

Blood type: A

Speciality: Dance

Other: He was active as a member of Chibiko AAA from 2007 to 2009 and appeared in JUNON magazine and several AAA PVs during this time. He also entered Avex's contest in 2012 and gained a good result. He later joined Johnny's Jr.

ROI (full name: Kazama Roi)

Birthday: 2001/12/01

Birth place: Saitama, Japan

Height: 167cm

Weight: 48kg

Speciality: DJing, choreography

Other: ROI is the only member of the group who wasn't initially a member of Johnny's Jr. so finding information on him is a bit more difficult than the others. He is American on his father's side and Japanese on his mother's. His foreign side is very evident - he even has green eyes! He has a younger brother named Kaiha and the two used to be child models. More info on ROI here.

Also, the agency's trainees are called G-BOY'S. The agency is still holding auditions for G-BOY'S and new members are constantly being added.